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Vermont’s Rookie Spot Light


Vermont's own Closer Gomez

                   CL Gomez of Vermont Penguins has started what we in Vermont hope is a long and fruitful Career. Gomez did loss in his first appearance but has been stellar since then. Gomez has pitched in 5 games while having 3 saves while pitching 4.1 innings. Gomez’s ERa is a bit high at 4.15 but that should decrease with innings as right now he has given up 2 ER. Gomez has 5 K’s in those 5 games and so far only 2 walks which with his control is amazing right now. The former first round pick has all the tools to be a great closer in the league and he looks to help Vermont get back to the playoffs but he can only do so much . Gomez is a born leader that Vermont has been needing in their Bullpen. Gomez has the Velocity that Vermont GM Kevin Tucker Raves about . Tucker said of Gomez” He has that speed that can just burn the hitters and can strike out the side in just 9 pitches” Tucker later went on to say that the reason that  Gomez was in three A to start the season is that he didn’t want to rush him to fast and lose a good player. Well only time will tell if Gomez turn into a top closer but for Vermont , he their guy to stay for a long time . Vermont looks to defend their 2nd place standing against all who challenge them but they are also looking to knock out top ranked Maulers and take over the division but that will be a hard-fought task as Minny is a strong and difficult opponent and they are looking to slap down any who challenge.