Rockies announce opening day roster!!!!!


Rockies announce opening
day roster !!!
Published on November 15 , 2010 by Kevin –
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GM Kevin Tucker has put together and elite
program here in Colorado and this yr is no
different .
The Rockies look to dominate the whole
season and not just half of it . Last yr the
Rockies started very slow but the GM stuck
his squad and it was the right decision.This
season we have a better playoff winning
pitcher in Price and we are still in the hunt
for a good young LF or RF to upgrade our
LF position
Now is the Rockies time to shine again !!!!!
Rockies offseason went like this
team losses :
SP Cook – TO- Cleveland
SP Hamels – TO- STL : not a hugh loss as u
might think he couldnt winin the playoffs
and didnt play much last yr
2B Martinez – TO -CHC : not big loss just a
minor leaguer
SP Benavides – TO- CHC : i love the guy and
hate to lose him will try to get him back
SS Hernandez, -TO -CHC : not a big lose
needed to get value from him as i had a top
ss in my lineup
3B Duncan – TO – CHW : just a player who i
had no room for
SP Rogers -TO – CHW just a sp who i had no
room for
team Gaines:
SP Price – FROM- CHC : good young pitcher
a good fast ball and can hold runners and
go in to the 9th
SP Danks – FROM- CHW : should have a
good seasoon but we know the risks and
will start him as a spot starter
SP Norris – FROM – Cubs : high work ethic
but again not a proven winner but has
MR Gervacio – FROM – Cubs :high work ethic
and can hold runners on . also is a good
ground ball pitcher but control is lackin
SP Gallardo – FROM- STL : Proven winner
with low control , excellent curveball and
good stamina
now on to the starting lineup for this
we are going with a six man rotation
Starting Pitching
1. Ubaldo Jimenez
2. Jon Lester
3. David Price
4. Jorge de la Rosa
5. Bud Norris
6. Yovani Gallardo
1. John Danks ( spot starter )
2. Randy Flores (mopup)
3. Robinson Tejeda
4. Manny Corpas
5. Matt Daley
6. Trever Miller
7. Kyle Farnsworth(setup )
8. Jonathan Broxton
Batting order / starting lineup
1. Carlos Gonzalez ( RF )
2. Dexter Fowler ( CF )
3. Troy Tulowitzki( SS )
4. Seth Smith(LF)
5. Billy Butler (1 B )
6. Ian Stewart ( 3B )
7. Chris Iannetta( C )
8. Jose Lopez( 2B )
Jay Payton ( LF)
Jim Thome( DH)
Alberto Gonzalez ( SS / Utility)

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