Rockies win World Series

The 2010 MLNB Season comes to a close and one team took away the title that team is your own Colorado Rockies . Beating Tampa Bay four Games to two . Rockies pitching was excellent shuting down Tampa’s hitters who hit good through out the playoffs and rarely had less than 3 runs in a game .

Lester was lights out in the playoffs for us.  He had a 1.03 ERA in 7 games in the playoffs and won 5 of those games. He pitches a 2 hitter against the Rays in game 3 ,what a gem it was he went all 9 innings and had 9 K’s.

The Rockies will celebrate with their city and they will also meat with the president to present him his honorary Jersey. after the  celebration the Rockies GM Kevin Tucker will go back and work on a repeat . He will meat with his scouting director and get down to business. Reports are coming in that Tucker and his scouting director has their eye on a few starting pitchers and an out fielder and will be looking on ways to aquired them , but no word yet one who those players are but im sure we will know soon enough.


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