POTD Races are heating up

POTD and OOTP 10 League Comished by Andy Ward

Come check out our league  and if you are  interested in joining email our Comish. We have active owners and some good races heating up. My team is the Vermont Penguins  . but if you’re looking for another league and you have OOTP 10 then check us out and give our league a good look.  currently we are looking for was to improve the league experience . We are looking for ways to improve our draft experience  we currently do a live draft in our shout box for rounds 1 ,2 and plus supplementary rd and then we use the “In Game Draft List” to complete the 10 rd draft . if you have any ideas on hows to do the remaining rounds after the life draft portion let us know and if  you recommend software or tools please leave us a link to it or email us the tool or software thanks. We are also looking for ways to improve the playoffs as we currently just have sims for the playoffs . Any information and suggestions will be looked into and we thank you ahead of time for your responses


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